TRX has migrated to a new contract address

This guide is for users who want to migrate Binance-peg TRX(Old bep20 TRX) to BTTC-bridged Version TRX(New bep20 TRX).

Overall, there are three steps:

  • Deposit your Binance-peg TRX tocentralized exchange.
  • Withdraw your TRX to the Tron network.
  • Bridge your TRX using BTTC Bridge.
  • Fees for the cross-chain operation costs roughly 30-40 TRX and 60 BTT. You can get BTT through BTTC Bridge from TRON Network if you don’t have enough BTT.
  • The overall cross-chain process time takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on the network congestion situation and the BTTC bridge checkpoint submission periods.
  • The swap radio from Binance-peg TRX to BTTC-bridged Version TRX will be 1:1.

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