2022 Tax Email

Dear ${Customer_Name},

We know taxes can be complicated, but Binance.US makes it easy to get ahead on your 2022 taxes.

Visit Our Tax Reporting 101 Page

Our Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting 101 page is a central hub for all of your tax-related questions. This page can answer questions such as “How do I know if I owe taxes” and provide you with links to any relevant tax forms.

File with Ease

Binance.US offers free tools to make filing your taxes easier than ever. Check out our new Tax Reporting Tool to download your 1099-MISC if you’re an eligible customer who earned $600 or more from staking and referral rewards in 2022, or the 1042-S tax form, available only to non-U.S. residents.

You can also use the Export Statement tool to generate a custom transaction history report. Select the asset, transaction type, date range, and file format you would like to download the report as.

Filing With a Third-Party Tax Reporting Tool?

You can easily connect your Binance.US account to services like CoinTracker, CoinTracking, TaxBit, and more.

More questions about your tax documents?

You can find out more information to help you prepare for this tax season by viewing our Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting 101 page.

BAM Trading Services Inc. (“Binance.US”) does not provide tax advice. We recommend contacting a tax professional for your specific tax situation. This guide is for educational purposes only.

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