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Keystone is a 100% air gapped QR code hardware wallet. The wallet is designed to maximize attack cost, minimize trust, prevent potential human error, avoid single-point-of-failures and boost interoperability. It was officially integrated with MetaMask in December 2021.

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On February 11, 2022, the Keystone team announced a strategic partnership with PancakeSwap to provide their users with increased security on Keystone devices.

By collaborating with the PancakeSwap team, users will be able to authenticate their transactions prior to signing them by visually verifying the authenticity of the contract. This is achieved by loading the ABI file in the Keystone hardware wallet with the microSD card slot. The 4" touch screen provides a visual confirmation of the ABI’s authenticity, allowing users to double check the DApp they are about to interact with, so they won’t need to blindly trust the DApp they think they are interacting with.

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