SHIB vs. DOGE Trading Battle | Trade & Win a Share in the $50,000 Prize Pool

Are meme tokens your thing? Are you a fan of DOGE or SHIB? Gate Influencers will hold a trading contest for meme token fans. Join now to receive rewards for your team!

Duration: Aug 11th - Aug 25th, 2022

Please fill in the form and let us know the token you voted for in this contest:

Activity 1: Vote for the token you like, Share up to the $50,000 prize pool
How to participate:
During the event, you need to trade SHIB or DOGE tokens. For every $1,000 of trading volume, vote is counted. The token that receives the most votes will be the winning token of this event.
The cryptocurrency with more firepower will win the battle. The winner will share $50,000 in proportion to the firepower they contribute. Other participants will share $5,000 in proportion to their contributed firepower.
Every $1,000 transaction is one vote, and the number of votes can be accumulated. For example, there are 2 votes at $2,000, and each person has no back cover votes.
All users who voted for that token will share in the $20,000 prize pool.
First come, first served!

Activity 2: Invite new users to trade SHIB or DOGE & Get a Influencer Badge NFT
During the event, you invite new users to join and trade SHIB or DOGE. If new users complete KYC and their minimum transaction volume is $1,000, you both will get a Influencer Badge NFT from Gate Influencer.
This is for the first 100 valid users only. Each person is limited to one NFT.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Rewards will be distributed through equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners' accounts. The transaction can be viewed at "My Wallets" – "My Billing Details";
2. Participants must agree and comply with terms & conditions. Any defamatory content or actions against the brand are strictly prohibited;
3. reserves all rights to the final decision.

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