[Initial Listing] MEXC Will List XONE(XONE) in Assessment Zone

Dear MEXCers,

MEXC will list XONE(XONE) in the Assessment Zone and open trading for the XONE/USDT trading pair.  The specific timeline is shown below.

  • Deposit: Opened

  • XONE/USDTTrading: 2023-11-20 16:00(UTC)

  • Withdrawal: 2023-11-21 16:00(UTC)

Note: Prices may fluctuate greatly for projects listed in the Assessment Zone, please be cautious and be aware of the hidden risks of delisting.


XONE is an ERC-20 token from the XEN ecosystem.

Total Supply:  1,000,000,000 XONE 

Official Website |Contract Address |Twitter | Whitepaper

Risk Disclosure

Start-up blockchain projects may face significant risks in operation, underlying technology, and legal and regulatory environment. Investing in such projects requires rich technical and financial knowledge to understand the inherent risks associated with blockchain start-ups. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend that you conduct thorough due diligence, evaluation, or seek advice from professional consultants.

The prices of digital assets related to blockchain projects exhibit high volatility and may fluctuate due to various factors. Investing in such projects may result in significant or total investment losses. Additionally, due to underlying technology of blockchain projects or attacks, you may be unable to withdraw digital assets related to blockchain projects partially or completely. 

When deciding whether to invest in this project, please carefully assess the risks and make a decision based on your risk tolerance. MEXC does not guarantee or compensate for any investment losses incurred by you.

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Enjoy trading on MEXC.

The MEXC Team

20 November 2023

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