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      MEXC will List Artube(ATT) and Launch the \"MX DeFi\" Session

      Dear users,

      MEXC will list Artube(ATT) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the ATT/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is as shown below:

      • Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
      • ATT/USDT Trading: 2022-05-15 10:00 (UTC)

      Note: The price may move greatly for projects in the Innovation Zone. Please be cautious of the risks.

      To give thanks to the Artube community, the Artube team will launch a session of "MX DeFi'' to enable mining on ATT tokens from May 15 to May 17. Throughout the campaign, users can stake MX and ATT to earn liquidity yield on ATT. The staking period will last 3 days. Details are as follows:

      • Campaign start time: 2022-05-15 10:00 (UTC)
      • Staking period: 2022-05-15 10:00 - 2022-05-17 16:00 (UTC)

      The total yield pool includes 42,398,631 ATT tokens. Hard cap and allocation details to each staking crypto asset are as follows:

      • MX: no hard cap; a total of 33,918,905 ATT liquidity yield (80% of the yield pool)
      • ATT: no hard cap; a total of 8,479,726 ATT liquidity yield (20% of the yield pool)

      Ways to participate:

      • Through Login into > select “Finance” > “MX DeFi” > find “Stake to mine ATT” to join
      • Through MEXC App: Login through MEXC App’s homepage > find “MX DeFi” > find “Stake to mine ATT” to join

      Liquidity yield calculation (daily):

      User’s daily yield amount = (User’s staking value / total staking value) * Yield supply of the day

      For example: Suppose User A stake 10,000 MX to earn ATT, the yield supply of T day is 11,306,302 ATT for MX pool, and the total staking value of T day (snapshot taking on T 1 day) is 500,000 MX, User A can earn a yield of:

      (10,000 / 500,000) * 11,306,302 ATT = 226,126 ATT 


      • Minimum Entry Requirement: 10 MX and 7000 ATT respectively;
      • If a user joins staking on day T, he/she can unlock the staking token on day T 1;
      • The yield is calculated daily and will be distributed to the user's account on the next day.

      Project Info 

      (This information is provided by the project team. Strictly for references only.)

      Project Name: Artube(ATT)

      Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 ATT

      Official Website:

      Block Explorer (KLAY):





      Project Brief Introduction: 

      Artube project is a blockchain-based digital media platform where you can enjoy various genres of webtoon content.Artube project stand for an open webtoon platform where anyone can freely publish webtoons regardless of readers and writers.Ultimately, through the NFT marketplace, participatory translation, and incentive system to be updated, anyone can dream of becoming a writer, and writers can generate various revenues, providing an environment to focus on content.

      Risk Warning

      Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. MEXC Global will make best efforts to choose high-quality tokens, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. As a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, MEXC adheres to the principle of truthful, transparent and fair trading, with no malicious intent. We are committed to providing users with a service that is safer, more efficient, and more reliable for the trading of digital assets.

      Find us on:



      MEXC trading:





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      Enjoy trading on MEXC.

      The MEXC Team

      14 May 2022

      Read the original article at mexc

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