MEXC Will Merge the Share of AZERO3S,ETH2S,ALGO3S&ANKR3S Leveraged ETF Products

Dear users,

Since the net value of leveraged ETF products AZERO3S,ETH2S,ALGO3S&ANKR3S are lower than 0.1 USDT and trigger the Share Merging Mechanism. As such, MEXC will merge the shares of AZERO3S,ETH2S,ALGO3S&ANKR3S at 2022-08-06 02:30 AM (UTC).

The 10 share of AZERO3S,ETH2S,ALGO3S&ANKR3S will be merged into 1 share. Consequently, the net value per share of AZERO3S,ETH2S,ALGO3S&ANKR3S will be up 10 times, while user's holding amount will be down to 1/10. In this connection, user's total asset will stay the same after the merging.

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  4. FAQ for Leveraged ETF

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. MEXC Global will make best efforts to choose high-quality tokens, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. As a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, MEXC adheres to the principle of truthful, transparent and fair trading, with no malicious intent. We are committed to providing users with a service that is safer, more efficient, and more reliable for the trading of digital assets.

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The MEXC Team,

6 August 2022

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