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      Rebrand the original Terra chain as Terra Classic and integrate the new Terra chain

      Per governance proposal 1623, a new chain will be created and will assume the Terra name.

      1. The original chain will still function and be re-branded as Terra Classic.

      • The original Cosmos chain will still run, with market swaps (mint/burn function) disabled.
      • All balances will remain as they are.
      • Luna will become Luna Classic (LUNC).
      • Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, EUT, etc.) will be renamed Terra Classic stablecoins (USTC, KRTC, EUTC, etc.).

      2. The new chain will be called Terra, and will assume all Terra branding assets.

      • The new chain is also a Cosmos chain, but will not have the treasury, oracle, or market modules of the original chain.
      • The new chain's native mining token will be Luna.
      • There will be no Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, EUT, etc.) on the new chain.

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