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      Genopets(GENE) Energy 2.0 Update's logo Genopets(GENE)

      Genopets is evolving with Energy 2.0 this update will:

      • better align game design with healthy habits
      • reward consistency
      • strengthen habit building loop
      • improve the overall ecosystem & most importantly: reward OG Genovians who have supported us the last 2 years

      Energy 2.0 includes new ways to earn Energy (streak achievements & challenges) & step efficiency rating updates there is not a defined date for implementation, but we expect an updated release in the coming month until then, keep banking your steps to store Energy for what's coming next.

      Step Efficiency Ratings have been decreased for the majority of Genopet levels. As a result, Energy gained from passive step banking will generally be reduced across the board. But don't worry. Additional opportunities to earn Energy, including streaks and challenges, will make up the difference.

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