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      Stellar(XLM) Stable releases's logo Stellar(XLM)

      Network update: the Stellar Testnet has been upgraded to Protocol 21. Here's what comes next:

      May 30: Stable releases of Stellar Core, Horizon, RPC

      Soroban, the smart contract platform on Stellar, launched on Mainnet following a successful validator vote on February 20, 2024. And after almost three months, another protocol vote is upon us. On June 18, 2024, Stellar public network validators will vote on whether to upgrade the network to Protocol 21, which, if accepted, will activate five new Core Advancement Proposals (CAPs) on Stellar Mainnet.

      These five CAPs introduce some exciting new features, such as passkey signing support and an improvement to state archival (authored by community member, tdep), as well as a few overall cost improvements for smart contract transactions.

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