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      TeleportDAO(TST) Startup Mining Initial Offering on's logo TeleportDAO(TST)

      About Startup Mining Program

      Startup Mining is a platform where users can stake their assets or provide liquidity to earn rewards in new project tokens. Users can lock specified tokens in the Startup Mining pool to receive corresponding project token rewards.

      Visit Startup Mining and learn more:

      Introduction to "Startup Mining" Project TeleportDAO (TST):

      TeleportDAO enables trustless and Bitcoin-grade secure connections from Bitcoin to EVM chains and Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions through a light-client bridge. The protocol facilitates Bitcoin bridging and supports the creation of cross-chain applications for Bitcoin.

      TeleportDAO's light-client bridge facilitates the transfer of messages from Bitcoin to EVM chains and introduces two key decentralized applications (dApps).

      -TeleSwap: a decentralized trading platform that enables users to seamlessly bridge and exchange BTC and BRC-20s across Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain with unmatched security.

      -TeleOrdinal: the first cross-chain marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs (Ordinals) that enables decentralized bidding on Ordinals from EVM chains using stablecoins.

      TeleportDAO (TST) Startup Mining Rules

      (1) Startup Mining Duration: 08:00 AM on June 24th - 08:00 AM on June 27th (UTC), 2024

      (2) Trading starts time: 08:00 AM on June 27th (UTC), 2024

      (3) Initial circulation: 130.480.707 TST(13.0480707%)

      (4)Startup Mining allocation:666.667 TST

      (5)Total Daily Rewards:222.222 TST

      (6)Supported pairs:GT

      (7) Unlocking Rule: 100% Unlock

      (8) Startup Mining Participation Rules:

      1.Users can choose Startup Mining projects and stake assets for a minimum period of 12 hours on the same day to start earning rewards.

      2.A snapshot of the staked token quantities for qualifying users is taken at 00:00 (UTC+0) daily, and token rewards are distributed to eligible users. Daily earnings will be distributed into users' spot accounts.

      3.Daily staking rewards = Your valid staked asset amount / Total valid staked asset amount by all participants * Daily rewards pool.

      4.Users can increase or redeem the staked assets at any time during the staking period. However, early redemption may result in the loss of accrued rewards.

      (The information below is provided by the TeleportDAO (TST) team. Please follow the website for more information)

      Token Information

      1. Token name: Teleport System Token
      2. Token symbol: TST
      3. Max Supply: TST
      4. Token Type: Ethereum
      5. Token Contract: 0x0828096494ad6252f0f853abfc5b6ec9dfe9fdad
      6. Token Distribution and Unlocked Rules:

      *Ecosystem: 48.4%

      30% unlocks in year 1. another 30% in year 2. and the remaining 40% in year 3.

      *Team: 25%

      6 Months cliff, linear vesting over 12 Months

      *Company Operations: 5%

      6 Months cliff, linear vesting over 12 Months

      *Investors: 8.55%

      6 Months cliff, linear vesting over 12 Months

      *Community Sale: 9.5%

      TGE:20%, linear vesting over 6 Months

      *CoinList Reward Program: 3.01%

      TGE:20%, linear vesting over 6 Months

      *Advisors: 0.54%

      6 Months cliff, linear vesting over 12 Months



      Token Information:

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