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      BRD Wallet

      BRD Wallet

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      Ekstra Hizmetler
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      BRD Wallet Bilgi

      What Is BRD Wallet?

      The BRD app connects directly to the cryptocurrency networks it supports. There are no accounts or usernames with the BRD app. Instead, you will have a "wallet" where you will store your money. It's just like the physical wallet you put your cash in, except that it exists only on the internet and holds digital money.

      What Are the Main Features of BRD Wallet?

      • Open-source and free.
      • Available in 170 countries. 
      • BRD Rewards.
      • Customizable widgets.
      • 14 languages supported.
      • Variable network fees. 
      • Switchable nodes.
      • Transaction notes.

      BRD Wallet Supported Coins

      You can click here to visit the official site page to check the BRD wallet supported coins/tokens.

      How To Use BRD Wallet?

      Follow these steps to get started:

      1. If this is your first time using the BRD app, simply choose Get Started to start.
      2. Tap Next twice. 
      3. Create a 6 digit PIN and confirm this on the next page.
      4. If you are on an iOS device, you will see an option to turn iCloud Recovery Backup on the next page. Tap Continue after making your selection. You will see instructions to enable Keychain on your device. Tap the radio button below the instructions to proceed and then tap I have turned on iCloud Keychain.
      5. Make sure you read the important information on each page about the recovery phrase on the next pages and tap Continue.
      6. Tap Generate Recovery Phrase. 
      7. The app shows you 12 different words in separate pages. This is your Recovery Phrase. Swipe left after writing down each word. If you need to review these, swipe back. Tap Done. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you write the Recovery Phrase down in the correct order and keep it secure as this is the only way to restore your BRD wallet.
      8. The app will ask you to confirm random words from your Recovery Phrase. Tap Confirm after entering the requested words.
      9. Tap Go to Wallet. The wallets sync to the blockchain. Keep the app open and on the screen until syncing completes.
      10. If you see a box asking you to enable Touch ID. This is optional. Tap on Dismiss if you would like to skip this step. You can enable this later via the app’s Security Center. Visit this page for more information on Touch ID.

      NOTE: If you have used the BRD app before and would like to use the same wallet, choose Restore Wallet on the main page and prepare to enter the Recovery Phrase for the wallet you would like to restore.

      How do I receive cryptocurrency in my BRD wallet?

      If you would like to receive cryptocurrency from someone, you will need to give them your "Receive" address. Follow these steps to find your receiving address:

      1. On the main screen, tap the wallet for the cryptocurrency you are receiving.
      2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Receive. 
      3. Give the sending party your receiving address. There are a few ways to do this:
      • Show them the "Receive" screen in your BRD app, and let them scan your QR code.
      • Press the "Share" button under the QR code to send them your address via email or text message. 
      • Tap the QR code to copy your address to your device's memory. You can now paste your address into a website or other app.

      Important: If cryptocurrency is sent to the wrong address, it can not be refunded. When sending cryptocurrency, always check to make sure the address you are sending to is the same as the one that was given to you.



      • If you are receiving XRP or Hedera in the BRD app, the sender does not need to attach a Destination Tag or Hedera Memo as you own the address in your BRD app.
      • The bitcoin and bitcoin cash addresses shown on your "Receive" screen will change every time you receive money, but old addresses will continue to work. All other wallets are assigned a single address.

      Supported Platforms and Download