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      MYSO Token(MYT) New Listing on's logo MYSO Token(MYT)

      According to's official announcement, MYSO Token (MYT) is soon going to be listed on the cryptoc exchange.

      MYSO Token Listing Schedule

      • Trading Starts Time: 08:00am 30th May, 2024 (UTC)
      • Trading Pairs: MYT/USDT

      About MYSO Token

      MYSO v2 is an EVM-compatible DeFi protocol enabling users to lend and borrow any ERC20 tokens with individualized terms and no liquidations. Its flexible design supports trustless covered calls, convertible debt, and zero-liquidation loans. Originating from the ETH Global Hackathon 2021 as an award winner, MYSO is backed by well-known crypto investors such as HashKey, Wintermute, GSR, and Nexo. The MYSO Token serves as a governance utility, allowing users to control the DAO treasury and protocol revenues while locking tokens for voting power, rewards, and steering incentives. MYSO aims to create the largest on-chain structured products ecosystem, partnering with institutional users for competitive organic yields.

      MYSO Token Token Distribution

      • Treasury: 30.00% 30,000,000, 0.00% unlocked at TGE, 0 month cliff, 48 months monthly vesting. (3,000,000,000 MYT)
      • Liquidity & Incentives: 20.00% 20,000,000, 1.00% unlocked at TGE, 0 month cliff, 18 months monthly vesting. (2,000,000,000 MYT)
      • Ecosystem Growth: 19.90% 19,900,000, 13.19% unlocked at TGE, 0 month cliff, 24 months monthly vesting. (1,990,000,000 MYT)
      • Core Contributors: 19.17% 19,170,000, 0.00% unlocked at TGE, 7 months cliff, 12 months monthly vesting. (1,917,000,000 MYT)
      • Investors: 10.93% 10,930,000, 0.00% unlocked at TGE, 7 months cliff, 12 months monthly vesting. (1,093,000,000 MYT)

      Further Information on MYSO Token

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on MYSO Token (MYT) trading, delve into our detailed guide at MYSO Token Price Overview

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