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      TechPay Coin(TPC) Airdrops and Listing on MEXC Kickstarter

      Listado Entrega por paracaídas

      MEXC Global is thrilled to launch another session of Kickstarter, a listing campaign initiated by the project team on MEXC before launch where users can stake tokens to vote towards a predetermined goal. Once the goal is hit, the listing process will be kickstarted and free token airdrops will be arranged for participating users prior to the listing. If the voting does not meet the set target, MEXC Global will cancel the project listing and unlock the voting tokens. This event is designed to identify high-quality projects and at the same time, bring airdrop benefits to MEXC users.

      Presenting the project for this session of Kickstarter, TechPay Coin (TPC).

      TechPay Coin (TPC) Project Info

      (This information is provided by the project team. Strictly for references only.)

      Project Name: TechPay Coin (TPC)

      Max Supply: 5,999,999,998 TPC

      Official Website: https://www.TechPay

      Block Explorer (Mainnet):

      Twitter: Coin_Chain

      Telegram: CoinAnn,



      TPC Testnet Faucet:

      Project Brief Introduction:

      TechPay Coin is the Native Token of TechPay Chain; the Infinitely Scalable Layer-1 Blockchain Network Featuring Real-Time Transactions all while requiring transaction fees equivalent to a fraction of a cent. The Throughput Capabilities of the Proof of Stake network Equals 300,000 Transactions per Second (TPC) & Mere 504 Milliseconds Time-to-Finality (TTF).

      How to join Kickstarter:

      Users can stake MX tokens to participate in voting and stand a chance to win free project airdrops.

      Details are as follows:

      1. Voting Period: 2022-06-03 02:00 to 2022-06-03 10:50 (UTC)
      2. Snapshot Period: 2022-06-01 16:00 - 2022-06-02 15:59 (UTC)
      3. Estimated Trading: 2022-06-03 12:00 (UTC)
      4. Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
      5. Voting Link:
      6. Airdrop Details:
      • Reward Pool: 125,000 TPC
      • Price: 0 USDT (Reference Price: $0.32)
      1. Voting Token: MX
      2. Requirements: 10 ≤ MX ≤ 500,000
      3. Rules: The tokens used for voting will be temporarily locked during the event period and will be unlocked within an hour once the event concludes. Users can vote as many times as they wish before the voting period ends.
      4. Rewards: The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour according to users’ total votes once the event concludes.
      5. ​​Special Reward: 500 randomly selected users whose total assets exceed 1,000 MX and voted in this Kickstarter phase will receive a 10 USDT futures bonus reward. The reward will be airdropped to the winner within 7 working days after the successful conclusion of this activity. (Note: Users must open a futures account before the end of the activity to be eligible to receive the bonus rewards)

      TechPay Coin (TPC) On Listing

      1) Listing details will be announced in a separate announcement after Kickstarter ends, please stay tuned!

      2) Target voting rate: 500%

      Voting rate = Total value of votes / total value of rewards

      (Note: The unit of calculation will be uniformly converted to USDT)

      *Projects will only be listed when the voting rate hits 500%.

      Encuéntranos en:

      X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord  | Reddit

      Descargar CoinCarp App:

      Approval:90% Votos:199
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