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      SSX Contract Swap

      In order to minimize subsequent damage caused by the SSX hacking incident that occurred on January 27. 2024. the Somesing team requested the overseas exchange where the stolen SSX was moved to freeze hacker-owned accounts and suspend withdrawals from hacker-related wallet addresses. and implemented various additional security measures to prevent further damage.

      Separately, the Somesing team issues a new token called SSG through a new contract to block additional movement and securitization of assets stolen by hackers and conducts a token swap migration for members holding existing SSX. We plan to proceed.

      During this token migration, all wallet addresses identified as belonging to hackers will be processed as a block and excluded from the swap. Through this, overseas exchanges and We plan to continue to cooperate with investigative authorities.

      This migration involves exchanging the existing SSX tokens for a new token called SSG issued through a new contract based on the same Klayton mainnet. Please refer to the details below for more details on the migration.

      Important information regarding token swap from SSX to SSG

      The snapshot for token swap is scheduled to be held on March 28. 2024 at 06:00 (UTC+0. Coordinated Universal Time)/15:00 (KST, Korean time).To ensure smooth token swap and migration, the Somesing team will reserve the existing SSX tokens at 06:00 (UTC+0. Coordinated Universal Time)/15:00 (KST, Korean time) on March 27. 2024. 24 hours before the snapshot. All contract executions will be technically paused , and after the contract pause point, all token movements, including transfers of existing SSX to personal wallets and withdrawals from exchanges, will be stopped.

      Considering the possibility of technical errors occurring, the Somesing team requests all SSX holders to refrain from attempting to move existing SSX tokens after the contract pause point and until the foundation announces that the migration process has been completed. give. After the snapshot, the existing SSX token will be exchanged for the newly issued SSG (Some Sing) token, and after the migration process is completed, only the new token, SSG ,can be transferred .

      The exchange ratio between existing SSX and newly issued SSG tokens is 1:1.

      Old contract address:


      New contract address:


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