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      Aleph Zero(AZERO) MOST Bridge Launch


      MOST is launching on May 21st, 2024!

      Interoperability with Ethereum is officially coming to Aleph Zero!

      The team has already finalized:

      • Testing the security;
      • Verifying Aleph Zero Sync handling;
      • UX/UI testing;
      • Testing integrations;
      • Addressing improvements suggested by Hats Finance and Kudelski Security audits.

      Over the next two weeks, we'll see the work on:

      • Finalization of performance improvements;
      • Testing the update procedure with guardians;
      • Infrastructure optimization;
      • Testing the performance improvements under heavy load;
      • Final code freeze.

      Last-mile performance testing for the Aleph Zero and Ethereum bridge

      In laying the foundation for this launch, next week, we will see the finalization of performance improvements of the two major parts of the bridge–relayer and smart contracts–along with non-functional deployment and update procedure testing with the guardians–and infrastructure optimization. These actions will ensure smooth and safe operations post-launch, with effective recovery procedures.

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