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      Harmony(ONE) Mainnet v2023.1.0 Release's logo Harmony(ONE)

      Mainnet Release v2023.1.0

      v2023.1.0 (for year 2023, harfork number 1, release 0) is the latest and mandatory update containing a hardfork expected to be activated at epoch 1323 (block 37715967) happening around Wed 8 Feb 11:30PM UTC. All node runner (explorer and validator) are required to upgrade before that date.

      The hardfork mainly feature Native ONE Cross-Shard transfer precompile allowing the use of metamask to send ONE from one shard to another.

      This version is the same as v4.3.14 and hence detail changes can be found in the previous release:

      Note docker version is not available yet and will be updated as soon as possible.

      The released version: v2023.1.0-0-g09dba416

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