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      LoopNetwork(LOOP) New Listing on LBank's logo LoopNetwork(LOOP)

      LOOP(LoopNetwork) will be listed on LBank at 12:00 on September 28, 2022 (UTC), the details are as follows:

      Trading Pair:LOOP/USDT

      Trading Area: Innovation Zone

      Deposit Enable: 10:00 September 27, 2022 (UTC)

      Trading Open: 12:00 September 28, 2022 (UTC)

      Withdrawal Enable: 10:00 September 29, 2022 (UTC)

      About LOOP(LoopNetwork)

      LoopNetwork is a digital currency framework that supports smart contracts without the adaptability and security impediments of prior frameworks like Ethereum. The project permits parties to make savvy contracts utilizing code to indicate the conduct of the virtual machine (VM) that executes the agreement's capacity. LoopNetwork endeavors to address adaptability and ease of use issues, without compromising decentralization and use the existing developer community and ecosystem.


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