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      Spacemesh(SMH) New Listing on's logo Spacemesh(SMH)

      According to's official announcement, Spacemesh (SMH) is soon going to be listed on the cryptoc exchange.

      Spacemesh Listing Schedule

      • is going to commence Spacemesh (SMH) trading on 11:00 AM June 20th, 2024 UTC.

      About Spacemesh

      Spacemesh is a blockchain protocol with a distributed ledger, a consensus algorithm, and a native coin (called a Spacemesh coin or "$SMH") which is awarded to those who participate in securing the network. The Spacemesh consensus mechanism is based on a novel protocol called Proof of Spacetime which, in combination with several auxiliary mechanisms), is more environmentally-friendly, more robust, and more decentralized than alternatives such as Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. One just needs a minimum of 264 GiB free hard drive space to participate in the consensus mechanism and earn rewards. There is no race to produce the next block. Everyone participating in the mining process is guaranteed a share of rewards proportional to the storage space they have allocated. The rewards scale linearly with the amount of space allocated. No one is given an unfair advantage in this regard. Allocate more space, earn more rewards.

      Further Information on Spacemesh

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on Spacemesh (SMH) trading, delve into our detailed guide at Spacemesh Price Overview

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