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      TechPay Coin(TPC) New Listing on LBank


      TPC (TechPay Coin)will be listed on LBank at 18:00 on March 11, 2022 (UTC 8), the details are as follows:

      Trading Pair: TPC /USDT

      Deposit Enable: 16:00 Mar.10, 2022 (UTC 8)

      Trading Open: 18:00 Mar.11, 2022 (UTC 8)

      Withdrawal Enable: 16:00 Mar.12, 2022 (UTC 8)

      About TPC (TechPay Coin)

      A Blockchain that is 20,000 times faster than Ethereum and 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin, requiring a fraction of transaction fees to operate.TechPay Coin is the Native Token of TechPay Chain, A Highly scalable Custom Layer 1 PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Blockchain which supports the ability to build Smart Contracts and dApps upon it.Throughput Comparisons:-TPS - Transactions per Second; TF - Transaction FinalityBITCOIN - 7 TPS | 30-60 Mins.ETHEREUM - 15 TPS | 2-6 Mins.SOLANA - 65,000 TPS | 7 Sec.TechPay Coin - 300,000 TPS | 1.2 Sec. Techpay Coin defeats the trilemma of blockchain, which is that A blockchain cannot avail Decentralization, speed, and security.It has to trade one feature off to operate.TechPay Coin incorporated all these attributes to the greatest extent.TechPay Coin Runs on a Fusion of pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) & DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) Consensus Mechanisms which accounts for the below-mentioned benefits:-*The risk of the Centralization of Blockchain is eliminated as the frequency of transactions is increased between each shard.*Energy Utilization is heavily reduced as hashing energy is not required to enter the next block.*More extensive scalability and lower transaction fees.*Block Interval of mere 1-Second.TechPay has also adopted a new protocol to maintain consensus called The Serious Protocol. It is integrated into the framework of TechPay Chain and is intended for use by all applications built on top of it, including instant transactions with near-zero transaction costs for everyone involved in each exchange or trade. The use-cases of TechPay's powerful technology are endless. The need for a performant blockchain that could handle the challenging demands of the NFT space would be met by TechPay's revolutionary technology in due time.NFTs deployed upon TechPay's network will offer Stability, Scalability, and Efficiency at a fraction of Transaction Fees.TechPay will feature dApps and smart contracts that won't be congested and could scale—fabricating decentralized networks for the third generation of web, so-called Web 3.0. Secure. Decentralized. Transparent. Rapid. Economic. DisruptiveSwitch to Future. Switch to TechPay.




      Blockchain browser:

      Whitepaper: COIN WHITE PAPER.pdf

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