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      Pending Market Removals on 2 June 2023

      As an exchange that prides itself on security and service, we do our due diligence to manage both the expectations of our listing partners, and the rigorous standards of compliance and performance we offer to our users.

      Because of this delicate balance between quality, safety, and a robust listing portfolio, there are circumstances where Bittrex Global may decide to remove a token from our Exchange.

      Below, we’ve provided a list of factors to help communicate some of the variables we consider when making these decisions. This is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good start in understanding how and why certain coins do not have eternal longevity.

      While Bittrex Global reserves the right to remove any token or market from its Exchange for any reason and without prior notice, we are always striving to avoid inconveniences wherever possible for our partners and token-holders.

      As part of this commitment, we are making an effort to provide as much notice as possible when we determine tokens or markets are likely to receive an at-risk warning (ARW).

      As always, we welcome an open exchange (pun intended) of ideas and feedback. A robust free market has and always will be the heart of the cryptocurrency industry. As players, and markets and tokens rise and fall, we are committed to remain vigilant in making choices we believe will strengthen the trust, performance, and stringent requirements that help continue to bring crypto the legitimacy it deserves across diverse audiences.

      Reasons We Delist:

      Although not exhaustive, below is a list of factors that Bittrex Global generally reviews when determining whether to delist a token or remove a market:
      • Evolving regulatory standards and other compliance issues
      • Poor implementation of use cases or poor reception by community
      • Blockchain or related technology becomes compromised or defective
      • Token is no longer supported by token team or others
      • Limited trading volume on the exchange or potentially suspicious trading activity
      • Experience with token applicant/team and their responsiveness to information requests
      • Violation of Bittrex Global’s terms of service or token listing agreement
      • Complaints by users or traders of the token
      • Request by the Token team

      After careful review, we are announcing today that the following markets will be removed on June 2nd, 2023.

      • DOGA – USDT (Dogami)
      • ZPTC – USDC (Zeptacoin)

      Token withdrawal after delisting

      After a market or token is removed, Bittrex Global generally seeks to provide users up to 30 days to withdraw any delisted tokens, but in certain instances the withdrawal period may be shortened. Users should withdraw any tokens before the posted withdrawal deadline. There may be circumstances under which a user may not be able to withdraw a token due to events outside of Bittrex Global’s control. For example, there could be technical difficulties (e.g., the blockchain is broken) which prevent users from being able to withdraw their tokens.

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