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      GT Holder-Exclusive Airdrop: Initial Startup Free Offering: Trex20 (TX20) and Only GT Subsc...

      This Trex20 (TX20) will only be available for GT subscriptions. Please be aware that the participation users’ funds will be deducted at the end of this Trex20 (TX20) Subscription.

      Introduction to Trex20 (TX20):TREX20 is revolutionizing and pioneering in GameFi built on Bitcoin Protocol with Multiple Games an NFTFi Marketplace and progressive lotto under one roof.

      TREX20 introduces first ever utility NFT on Bitcoin: 2009 copies of the game itself being entirely inscripted on chain and offered as NFTs with revenue sharing model and multiple other benefits—a groundbreaking advancement never seen before in the industry.

      TREX20 is also bringing unprecedented utilities for existing Bitcoin NFT collections which includes DeFI lending and borrowing, along with exclusive use cases in various TREX20 games.

      (The information below is provided by the Trex20 (TX20) team. Please follow Trex20 (TX20) for more information)

      Token InformationToken Name:TREX20Token Symbol: TX20Max Supply:100,000,000Token Type: BEP-20, BRC-20Contract:BEP20:

      Token distribution ratio and unlocking rules:Seed round 10%: TGE unlocked 25%, no cliff period, vesting period of 4 months;Private round 15%: TGE unlock 33.3%, no cliff period, vesting period of 3 months;Strategic Round 15%: 40% TGE unlocked, no cliff period, vesting period 3 months ;Public round 15%: TGE unlocking 50%, no cliff period, vesting period of 2 months;Ecosystem 14%: TGE unlocked 0%, cliff period of 2 weeks, linear unlock of 5% after 2 weeks of TGE (according to market demand);Team 8%: TGE unlocked 0%, cliff period of 2 months, vesting period of 18 months;Advisor 3%: TGE unlocking 0%, cliff period of 8 months, vesting period of 10 months;Liquidity 20%: TGE unlocked 45%, monthly linear unlocking based on market demand.

      Website: :

      Trex20 (TX20) Startup Subscription Rules:(1) Duration: 9:00 AM 7th April- 9:00 AM 9th April, 2024 (UTC)(Orders placed by qualified users within these 48 hours will be treated equally.)(2) Trading Starts Time: 13:00 PM 9th April, 2024 (UTC)Trading Pairs: TX20/USDT(3) Users can only subscribe by using GT.(4) Subscription Price: 0 USDT (The GT pricing of this event is $10 USDT )(5) Subscription share: 0.8 GT per share(6) Subscription Total: 2,500 GT(7)Startup Total Suppl: 595,238 TX20(8) Unlock rule: 100% Unlock(9) Participation Requirement:1.Users with an average GT holding of no less than 10 GT(which is 1 share) over the past 14 days are eligible to participate in the GT holder-exclusive airdrop subscription and share token rewards.2.The more GT you hold on average over the past 14 days, the more subscription shares you receive, and ultimately, the more tokens you get.Tokens received by participants = (Participant’s subscription shares / Total subscription shares) × Startup total supply.3.GT tokens contributed by participants have no lock-up period, allowing users to participate in multiple projects simultaneously with no participation limit.4.Based on the users’s GT average 14 days position, each user would receive one share per every 10GT held. The subscription limit for a single project is 3,000 shares per user. If the project’s share is less than 3000, each user’s subscription limit for the project will be limited based on the total shares of the project.Click to check My GT Holdings(10) Announcement of results: After the end of the day’s subscription, the system will count all eligible subscription orders.Please Note: Multiple accounts with the same KYC information when claiming Startup shares will be deemed as cheating behavior, and any cheating behavior is prohibited. In case of cheating, reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.

      How to ParticipateLog in to your account → Navigate to the Startup page → Ensure your average GT holding over the past 14 days is no less than 10 GT → Participate in the subscription.

      Notes:1.Participants must complete KYC2 verification.2.Each 10 GT can be subscribed for 1 share, with a maximum subscription limit of 3,000 shares per user for one project.3.The maximum subscription share is calculated based on the snapshot of the average GT holding over the last 14 days. GT Holding Calculation including the asset in the Lending/Borrowing Market, and the GT bought with USDT borrowed from Margin Trading; however, GT borrowed from Margin Trading is not included.4.If the total GT holdings of the participants at the time of token distribution are lower than the total GT holdings at the time of subscription, the user will receive the corresponding token amount based on the actual GT holdings at the time of distribution (still subject to the minimum requirement of 10 GT); otherwise, no adjustments will be made.5.The final subscription results will be announced before trading begins. You can check your results in “My Spot Account“ or “Subscription History.”6.The exclusive subscription for GT holders will start soon. Please stay tuned to our official announcements and social mediafor the latest updates.7.Please adhere to the relevant rules of the event when participating. Any cheating behavior is prohibited. An occurrence of any dishonesty will result in the disqualification of the rewards.8.Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall reserves all rights to the final explanation.10.This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc. Users in the United Kingdom and other Restricted Locations cannot access the Services (including the participation in this event, game or competition). See the User Agreement for further details on Restricted Locations. Labs Investment Labs did not invest in Trex20 (TX20).

      Attention(1) Please be noted that we may restrict or prohibit the use of all or a portion of the Services (including the participation in this event, game or competition) from Restricted Locations, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, United States of America, Mainland China, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea Region, Spain, Luhansk, Donetsk, Netherlands, Bolivia and so on.

      We may in our sole and absolute discretion elect to make the Services, or only part of the Services available in certain jurisdictions. For more information regarding the Restricted Locations, please read the User Agreement “Section 2.3(d) Restricted Locations”. We do not intend to solicit or conduct marketing towards customers in such Restricted Locations.(2) Risk Warning:-The project team does not guarantee that token price will not be lower than its startup sale price. Please invest with caution, and don’t invest beyond your financial capacity.-The start-up project is still in its initial stage, factors including the operation and underlying technology of the project, and other related regulatory activities might contribute to significant risks.-Advanced technical and financial knowledge is required to understand, and evaluate the inherent risks of crypto-asset investment.-The market volatility is high, and the price of a token might fluctuate drastically due to technical, regulatory, and marketing factors.-Users may not be able to withdraw all the purchased tokens due to technical issues of the project or Requirements for participants-The participant should register on and Log in;-After logging in, complete user identity verification;-Deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in your account;-Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.

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