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      TechPay Wallet

      TechPay Wallet

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      What is TechPay Wallet?

      The TechPay Wallet is the first of its kind, providing a decentralized blockchain based e-wallet solution for all users. Using this revolutionary platform, you can store your coins and manage multiple accounts in one place, which makes transactions easy as pie! The native client works with web browsers while also supporting smartphones, no matter what device you use to access the internet. Various options will be able to seamlessly integrate into every aspect of life from payment processing at home or work through shopping online. The wallet management component is a revolutionary new way for businesses to easily and securely integrate their e-Commerce system with any blockchain. The service provides services that scan QR codes, instantly enter transactions once quantities have been entered into the app in one place regardless of whether it's an iOS or Android native platform, and Web methods available. 

      TechPay Wallet Main Features

      • Simply secure

      • Highly scalable

      • Almost instant transfers

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