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      Lisk(LSK) Lisk Testnet V4 Migration's logo Lisk(LSK)

      Lisk Testnet v4 migration will occur on the block height 20,449,414 which will be approximately reached on September 26, 2023.

      Testnet Migration

      As stated before, the Lisk Testnet migration will occur on the block 20,449,414 which will be reached approximately September 26, 2023, at 12:00:00 in the Europe/Berlin. The exact time is dependent on the current Testnet conditions and how reliably new blocks are being created. With the migration, all the protocol improvements introduced with the Lisk SDK v3.0.0, v4.0.0, and v5.0.0 will be functional on the Lisk Testnet.

      Please ensure that the Lisk Core v3.1.0-rc.0 config.json file is updated to include the backup.height property with a value of 20449414.

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