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      Veno Finance(VNO) Startup Free Offering on's logo Veno Finance(VNO)

      This VenoFinance (VNO) Startup subscription is a free subscription, and will not deduct the users' participation funds at the end of event.​​

      Startup Link:

      Introduction to VenoFinance (VNO)

      Veno is a liquid staking protocol built on Cronos. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for all $CRO staking, and enable a liquid form of $CRO that is highly secure, with lower staking commission, and with deep integration across the Cronos ecosystem. Users will be able to stake their $CRO directly with our protocol and receive liquid $CRO token ($LCRO).

      (The information below is provided by the VenoFinance (VNO)team. Please follow VenoFinance (VNO) for more information)

      Token Information
      Token Name: Veno
      Token Symbol: VNO
      Max Supply:2,000,000,000
      Token Type: CRC-20

      Token distribution ratio and unlocking rules:
      Team: 6% 48 months linear release
      IDO: 0.125% 50% TGE, 50% monthly vesting
      Marketing & Partnerships: 12%
      Community development: 24%
      Ecosystem and treasury: 19.875%
      Liquidity management & incentives: 28% 48 months linear release
      Staking incentives: 10% 96 months linear release

      WhitePaper :

      VenoFinance (VNO) Startup Sale Rules

      (1) Duration: 9:00 am 30th May, 2023 - 9:00 am 31st May, 2023 (UTC)(Orders placed by qualified users within these 24 hours will be treated equally.)
      (2) Trading Starts Time: 12:00 pm 31st May, 2023 (UTC)
      Trading Pairs: VNO/USDT
      (3) Price: 0 USDT
      (4)Startup Supply : 325,421 VNO
      (5) Unlock rule: 100% unlock.
      (6) To participate in Startup Sale, VIP 0 users need to hold no less than 500 USD worth of Spot Assets in balance, and the number of share will be 1/4 of VIP 1 users’ share;
      The higher the VIP tier, the more shares.
      For VIP 1 and above, the higher the VIP level the higher the contribution share will be.
      Each user can only purchase once with KYC account
      (7) Purchase limit: The maximum contribution limit for a single user is 1500 shares; the relationship between the VIP level and the maximum contribution allocation, please refer to the link:
      (8) Users need to ensure that there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchase value) in accounts for the purchase after placing the orders until we announce the sale result. An insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.
      (9) We will collect all the qualified orders and distribute the tokens according to the ratio of the individual purchase orders to the purchase orders in total. The final result will be announced before trading starts.

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