Flare Network(FLR) New Listing on MEXC Global

MEXC will list Flare Network (FLR) in Innovation Zone and open trading for the FLR/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is shown below:
  • Deposit: Opened
  • Withdrawal: 04:00 2023-01-11 (UTC)
  • FLR/USDT Trading: 04:00 2023-01-10 (UTC)
Note: The price may move greatly for projects in the Innovation Zone. Please be cautious of the risks.
About Flare Network(FLR)
Flare is a layer 1 EVM blockchain that has 2 core protocols, the State Connector and Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). These protocols allow developers to create an ecosystem of robust and decentralized interoperability applications.
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