MarX(MARX) signed reseller contract with FORSPAY



MetaverseSociety Corp. signed reseller contract with FORSPAY


MetaverseSociety Corp, which operates MarX Projecrt and BSN Korea, has signed a reseller contract with FORSPAY, which distributes KSNET's WechatPay and AliPay payment services in Korea.In November, through eSTORM's store-exclusive OpenTermanal system and FORSPAY reseller contract, MetaverseSociety established a systemic foundation to establish a system in the offline stores of MarX ecosystem partners and to operate point integration.This system configuration has the effect of not only establishing an efficient offline store linkage management expansion with domestic partners, but also laying the groundwork for convenience and business linkage for overseas travelers, especially Chinese travelers, in the future.An important difference between other similar services and the MarX ecosystem is the establishment of a system that can directly connect with value consumers by focusing on the protection and connection of offline store owners and value creators who are operating real stores.MetaverseSociety plans to start installing and operating the system at offline affiliated stores within this year.

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