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      Core DAO(CORE) New Listing on Huobi Global's logo Core DAO(CORE)
      (veya daha sonra) Listing

      As part of our collaboration, #Huobi supports the ethos of the @Coredao_Org

      community for the recent launch of its mainnet and tokens. Huobi will carry out in-depth cooperation such as tech support & ecological promotions. More details soon!

      Huobi will be opening CORE (CoreDAO)spot trading (CORE/USDT) and spot Grid trading (CORE/USDT) at 12:00 (UTC) on February 8.

      About CoreDAO

      • CoreDAO - the official org developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem and building web3 infrastructure on Bitcoin’s PoW.
      • Website:
      • Token name: CORE
      • Total Supply: 2,100,000,000
      • Thank you for your support!
      Onay:96% oylar:669
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