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      Fusionist(ACE) New listing on's logo Fusionist(ACE)
      (veya daha sonra) Listing is going to commence Fusionist (ACE) trading on 05:00 am 22nd Dec 2023 UTC.

      About Fusionist (ACE) :
      Fusionist is an independent WEB3 game that delivers AAA quality with Unity and HDRP technologies. It offers three interconnected game modes for diverse players. To ensure fairness, it uses backend-driven computation with KCP and flatbuffer protocols, minimizing cheating. The Unity WebGL client is compatible with both PC and mobile, expanding its user base.

      Token symbol:ACE
      Token Contract (Bep-20):

      Deposit will be enabled on Dec 13th, 2023 at 11:00 AM UTC
      Trading service will be enabled immediately when the deposit meets the liquidity requirement.

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      X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord  | Reddit

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