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      RZI Token(RZI) New Listing on DigiFinex's logo RZI Token(RZI)

      DigiFinex will list Carbon Zero Integration(RZI).

      About Carbon Zero Integration(RZI)

      The RZI platform enhances the ecosystem by facilitating transactions seamlessly.

      To improve accessibility and convenience, we've introduced our proprietary token, the RZI token.

      Operating on blockchain technology, the RZI platform aims to reduce emissions by promoting the electrification of fuel-powered two-wheel vehicles, thus moving towards carbon neutrality. It leverages transparency and trust to engage with the Voluntary Carbon Emissions Trading Market (VCM), addressing sustainable environmental challenges head-on.

      By playing a pivotal role in the expansion of the ecosystem, we are committed to solving pressing issues and fostering growth within the ecosystem.

      Carbon Zero Integration(RZI) Listing Details

      • Time of opening deposit: May 27th 2024 7:00(UTC)
      • Time of opening trading: May 27th 2024 9:00(UTC)
      • Time of opening withdrawal: May 27th 2024 9:00(UTC)
      • Trading pair: RZI/USDT

      Carbon Zero Integration(RZI) Tokenomics

      • Ecosystem Pool:33%
      • Private Sale:30%
      • Reward:20%
      • Team:15%
      • Marketing:2%

      Carbon Zero Integration(RZI) Associated Info

      • Project name: Carbon Zero Integration(RZI)
      • Official website:
      • Blockchain explorer:

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