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      Arweave(AR) Hard Fork Release 2.7.1's logo Arweave(AR)

      Arweave (AR) Network hard fork that activates at height 1316410, approximately 2023-12-05 14:00 UTC.

      Note if you are running your own VDF Servers, update the server nodes first, then the client nodes.

      Bug fixes

      Address Occasional Block Validation Failures on VDF Clients

      This release fixes an error that would occasionally cause VDF Clients to fail to validate valid blocks. This could occur following a VDF Difficulty Retarget if the VDF client had cached a stale VDF session with steps computed at the prior difficulty. With this change VDF sessions are refreshed whenever the difficulty retargets.

      Stabilize VDF Difficulty Oscillation

      This release fixes an error that caused unnecessary oscillation when retargeting VDF difficulty. With this patch the VDF difficulty will adjust smoothly towards a difficulty that will yield a network average VDF speed of 1 second.

      Ensure VDF Clients Process Updates from All Configured VDF Servers

      This release makes an update to the VDF Client code so that it processes all updates from all configured VDF Servers. Prior to this change a VDF Client would only switch VDF Servers when the active server became non-responsive - this could cause a VDF Client to get "stuck" on one VDF Server even if an alternate server provided better data.

      Delay the pricing transition

      This release introduces a patch that adds to the transition period before the activation of Arweave 2.6’s trustless price oracle, in order to give miners additional time to on-board packed data to the network. The release delays the onset of the transition window to roughly February 20, 2024

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