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      BOBO(BOBO) New Listing on's logo BOBO(BOBO)

      According to's official announcement, BOBO (BOBO) is soon going to be listed on the cryptoc exchange.

      BOBO Listing Schedule

      • is going to commence BOBO (BOBO) trading on 05:00 AM June 19th, 2024 UTC.

      About BOBO

      Bobo Coin is a groundbreaking memecoin created by renowned meme artist Rekt Tekashi. Launched on the Ethereum network, Bobo Coin quickly rose to prominence as the second most popular meme coin after Pepe Coin. Leveraging the beloved character Bobo the Bear, the project offers immense potential for growth and community engagement. Since its inception, Bobo Coin has captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts worldwide, symbolizing bearish market sentiments with humor and creativity.

      BOBO Token Distribution

      • COMMUNITY: 8%
      • CEX Listings: 92%

      Further Information on BOBO

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on BOBO (BOBO) trading, delve into our detailed guide at BOBO Price Overview

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