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      Deesse(LOVE) New Listing on Huobi Global's logo Deesse(LOVE)

      Huobi Global will be making Deesee (LOVE) available on our brand new token listing platform, Primelist, at 3:00 (UTC) on January 12, 2022.

      Like Huobi Prime, Primelist is Huobi Global's new token listing platform for quality tokens. With Primelist, participants can buy new tokens at low prices and trade the newly-listed tokens after the Primelist activities are over.

      Deesse(LOVE) Project Details>>

      Token name: LOVE

      Total supply: 20 Billion

      Primelist quota: 100 Million

      Buying price: 0.0005 U

      Total lots of the activity: 65000

      Single lot amount:1 USDT

      Buying method: Draw lots at random

      Payment method: USDT

      Deesse is a blockchain-enabled, idle Role-Playing Game (RPG) or Card Placement Game (CPG) with progress-based and skill-based features. It incorporates a Play-to-Earn mechanism, allowing players to earn tokens and NFT in the gameplay.

      Contract Address: 0xde4ce5447ce0c67920a1371605a39187cb6847c8

      Key features:

      Blockchain-enabled token economics

      Role-Playing Game (RPG)

      Card Placement Game (CPG)

      Idle and automated

      Progress-based and skill-based features (Solo)

      Enjoy to Earn (strategy based)

      Japanese anime style with artistic design

      Renowned voice actor casting

      Turn based

      Entertaining multi-level design

      Interesting story line and gameplay

      PvE & PvP

      Vertrauen:90% Abstimmungen:136
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