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      XBANKING(XB) New Listing on DigiFinex's logo XBANKING(XB)

      According to DigiFinex's official announcement, XBANKING (XB) is soon going to be listed on the DigiFinex cryptoc exchange.

      XBANKING Listing Schedule

      • Time of opening deposit: May 31st 2024 7:00(UTC)
      • Time of opening trading: May 31st 2024 9:00(UTC)
      • Time of opening withdrawal: May 31st 2024 9:00(UTC)
      • Trading pair: XB/USDT

      About XBANKING

      XBANKING is a large non-custodial staking, restaking and liquid pools platform.

      Forget about the risks of centralized staking—work with a large and responsible provider and get steady rewards.

      Attractive returns, profitable staking APR and complete safety.

      XBANKING is one of the leading global Web3 infrastructure providers specializing in providing professional, stable, secure and blockchain compliant services to clients worldwide.

      We are deeply committed to blockchain infrastructure technologies since 2022. and our defi staking services cover more than 40 major public blockchains.

      We provide end-to-end staking and liquidity pooling solutions for our 50.000 individual and institutional clients. The world's largest asset managers, custodians, exchanges, funds, token and wallet holders utilize XBANKING's infrastructure and APIs to generate rewards.

      XBANKING aims to become the world's largest liquidity provider.

      DeFi staking cryptocurrencies is one of the safest and most predictable ways to get rewarded in the crypto space.

      Our fame as one of the most trusted staking service providers sets us apart in the cryptocurrency market.

      XBANKING has a large team of experts who oversee the condition and maintenance of the nodes.

      XBANKING has been fully audited by Certik. It is a verified provider of Staking Rewards.

      The platform, contracts and technologies used by XBANKING are fully audited and certified.

      Further Information on XBANKING

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on XBANKING (XB) trading, delve into our detailed guide at XBANKING Price Overview

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