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      United Kingdom , 2018-01
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      Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams! Some users report this is a fraud crypto exchange website!

      Some typical red flags of a fraud exchange include:

      • If an exchange lock your account and requires you to pay for unlock.
      • If an exchange promises a rate of return on an investment that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Any offers of guaranteed returns, especially those that promise exceptional returns in the first days or weeks after registering on the exchange, are a telltale sign of a fake exchange.
      • Don’t succumb to any pressure to deposit funds or make a larger investment than you intended. Legitimate exchanges will not deploy such tactics to solicit clients.
      • Excessive communications that look like spam, especially those that continue to ask for persistent recharging of wallets, may be a sign that the exchange is trying to collect funds to be misappropriated.
      • Be wary of any unsolicited offers or calls with advice on investing or buying cryptocurrencies. Even if the calls are said to be from financial advisors or brokers, if such calls are originating from an unregulated cryptocurrency exchange, it may be an indicator that something illegal is afoot.
      • Platforms that ask for unusually high registration or withdrawal fees that were not previously disclosed should also be avoided and reported.
      • As with a scammy or malware-infected website, questionable exchanges may look different from a legitimate exchange. These scams may rely on well-worn social engineering attack techniques to trick potential users to invest.

      What is AOFEX?

      Located in London, United Kingdom, AOFEX is a digital financial derivatives exchange with non-standardized option trading. Its Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore. AOFEX has received MSB digital currency license and can provide 24-hour personal butler service.

      Who is the Founder of AOFEX?

      The core team of AOFEX has been deeply engaged in fin-tech fields for many years, providing strategic planning for a large number of high-tech enterprises and core services for many financial institutions.

      CEO: Robin Peter Tensen, graduated from Oxford University. He is a Master of Business Administration at INSEAD. With over 25 years of experience in global strategy and business leadership, he is dedicated to finance and high-tech fields across the world. As a software technology analyst at Microsoft, he completed the first release of Windows and Excel.

      CFO: Richard Lim Keng Chong, Master of Business Administration at National University of Singapore. He was a senior manager for Asia at Deloitte, consulting director for Asia at McKinsey, financial director and business director of many companies, and provided professional training for several large-size enterprises or academic institutes. Meanwhile, he is also engaged in the activities of several governmental and non-governmental organizations.

      Can I use AOFEX in the USA?

      AOFEX does not prohibit US citizens from trading. However, if you're serious about your trading, or come from the state where cryptocurrency trading is prohibited by law, be sure to consult the local legal department first to avoid unforeseen consequences later

      What are the Features of AOFEX?

      • Perpetual Swaps: AOFEX perpetual swaps support mainstream and popular currencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS. Users can freely choose to go long or go short to obtain high returns or hedge. BTC 125 times margin is supported, and it is easy for users to participate.
      • Options Trading: AOFEX innovative options trading can effectively help investors hedge the investment risk caused by the sharp fluctuation of prices. 
      • Fiat Currency Trading: All merchants in AOFEX fiat currency trading zone have completed KYC real name verification and paid sufficient deposit, which is a real-time online order processing platform.
      • Staking: Users can deposit coins to earn interest, flexible redemption. 
      • Asset Management Fund: Users can purchase asset management fund products to get shares.

      Is AOFEX Reliable or Safe? Can I Trust AOFEX?

      Cold and hot wallet separation system was built by AOFEX to protect the users assets. As for the inner management, it created an anti-money laundering group. It also cooperate with Slow Fog Technology, that is known to be an expert in the issues of blockchain and user asset security, anti-fraud, international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing.

      Although security measures have been implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges, it can't fully guarantee the security of users' funds. In addition to depositing funds on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, users can also choose to transfer funds to reputable wallets to reduce risk. However, each method contains certain risks, users need to compare and choose the most appropriate one based on their specific conditions.

      Does AOFEX Require KYC?

      All merchants in AOFEX fiat currency trading zone should completed KYC real name verification and paid sufficient deposit.

      How do I Withdraw Coins From AOFEX?

      1. Log in to your AOFEX account. Click "Asset"
      2. Add your withdrawal address, enter the verification code you have received and the Fund password.

      What is the Fee of AOFEX?

      The trading fees are differ from VIP levels.

      For regular members, 0.2% for both maker and taker.

      For more details about the fee, please visit the fee page on the official website, click here.

      How Can I Contact AOFEX Customer Service?

      Or try these social media to get AOFEX customer service.

      How to Download AOFEX App?

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