Global Crypto Fundraising Overview

CoinCarp is providing a comprehensive look into the rapidly growing crypto fundraising landscape. Our data mining capabilities examine the total cryptocurrency deal count, total cryptocurrency deal value, and fundraising date for each region or country. This data provides investors with a holistic view of the key players and trends in the global crypto fundraising industry.

Global Crypto Fundraising Trend

The histogram above illustrates the fundraising deal value of total global crypto projects over a certain period, while the graph demonstrates the fundraising deal count of total global crypto projects. Deal value excluded deals with undisclosed amounts.

Top Crypto Fundraising Deals

Top Active Investors

Fundraising Count/Value by Sector

The chart above illustrates the proportions of different types of projects that receive funding: Web3, NFT, infrastructure, Cefi, Defi, and Others.

Fundraising Count by Transaction Type

The chart above shows the deal count (number of) by transaction type for the crypto market.

Crypto Fundraising Deals by Geography

The heat map above illustrates the geographic distribution of crypto fundraising activity.