About Us

Hi My Friends! Welcome to CoinCarp,Welcome to crytocurrency world!

Why we launched CoinCarp?

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. 13 years later, the cryptocurrencies driven by Bitcoin have grown into a market worth more than $2 trillion.

Just as Bitcoin was once considered as a disruptor of the traditional financial industry, Asia Carp was once considered as an invasive species in many regions. But now,Bitcoin has begun to be gradually accepted by more and more mainstream financial institutions, just as the aquaculture disaster caused by carp is also being transformed into economic benefits through commercial fishing.

In East Asia, Carp is regarded as a symbol of Lucky, Wealth and struggle. This is also CoinCarp's vision: Provide accurate and easy-to-use data aggregation analysis services, Help every investor share in the wealth of cryptocurrencies!

Who's behind CoinCarp ?

CoinCarp.com was founded in 2021. Most of the team members are investment experts in digital assets. They are highly passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our founder is a cryptocurrency market data analysis expert and an experienced programmer.

What we want to do?

CoinCarp provides real-time, accurate and high-quality market data services to institutional and retail investors by aggregating and analyzing market data, blockchain data, social, information and other data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, and generates trend data and index data in different time dimensions based on this data to ensure that investors can learn more about cryptocurrencies. CoinCarp adheres to the strictest standards to maintain data integrity, accuracy and fairness to ensure market consistency and confidence. To ensure the integrity, real-time and authority of our data, we regularly review encrypted exchanges, monitor market conditions, and make appropriate data adjustments.

Our mission

Help every investor share in the wealth of cryptocurrencies

Our vision

To Be The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Market Data Provider

Community support

As we believe in wisdom of the ‘informed’ crowd, we would like to have an active community around the site, to ensure that all validated information is shared in the shortest time possible between all of us. So if you have valuable & verified information about a coin feel free to reach out to us so that together we can protect the ecosystem.