Recent Funding Rounds for Crypto Projects & Companies

Based on all fundraising events, CoinCarp list all the recent fundraising rounds for all the crypto and blockchain projects. Today the total accumulative amount of all funding rounds for web3 crypto projects is $11B.
# Funding Rounds 3241
Total Funding Amount $68,997,214,788
Biggest Funding Round Weekly Gunzilla Games's Logo Gunzilla Games $46,000,000
ProjectFunding RoundAmountInvestorFunding Date
Unstoppable Finance's Logo Unstoppable Finance Series A$12,800,000
 Venture Partners's Logo' Lightspeed Venture Partners
Speedinvest's Logo' Speedinvest
Rockaway Blockchain Fund's Logo' Rockaway Blockchain Fund
August 10, 2022
GigLabs's Logo GigLabs Unknown$8,000,000
August 9, 2022
Lysto's Logo Lysto Pre-Series A$12,000,000
Square Peg's Logo' Square Peg
Hashed Emergent's Logo' Hashed Emergent
August 9, 2022
Vespene Energy's Logo Vespene Energy Unknown$4,300,000
Polychain Capital's Logo' Polychain Capital
August 9, 2022
Ubitquity's Logo Ubitquity Seed$800,000
Wefunder's Logo' Wefunder
August 9, 2022
SpaceData's Logo SpaceData Seed$11,000,000
Spiral Capital's Logo' Spiral Capital
SPARX Group's Logo' SPARX Group
August 9, 2022
Fortress Blockchain Technologies's Logo Fortress Blockchain Technologies Seed$22,500,000
Ayon Capital's Logo' Ayon Capital
Soaring Investment Management's Logo' Soaring Investment Management
Scott Purcell's Logo' Scott Purcell
August 9, 2022
RISC Zero's Logo RISC Zero Seed$12,000,000
Bain Capital Crypto's Logo' Bain Capital Crypto
Geometry's Logo' Geometry
D1 Ventures's Logo' D1 Ventures
August 9, 2022
Arrivant's Logo Arrivant Seed$5,000,000
C² Ventures's Logo' C² Ventures
Polygon's Logo' Polygon
6th Man Ventures's Logo' 6th Man Ventures
August 9, 2022
Nerdystar's Logo Nerdystar Seed$5,800,000
Blocore's Logo' Blocore
BITKRAFT Ventures's Logo' BITKRAFT Ventures
FTX's Logo' FTX
August 9, 2022
CreatorDAO's Logo CreatorDAO Seed$20,000,000
Andreessen Horowitz(a16z)'s Logo' Andreessen Horowitz(a16z)
Initialized Capital's Logo' Initialized Capital
Liquid2 Ventures's Logo' Liquid2 Ventures
August 9, 2022
Merkle Science's Logo Merkle Science Extended Series A$19,000,000
BECO Capital's Logo' BECO Capital
 Holdings's Logo' Darrow Holdings
K3 Ventures's Logo' K3 Ventures
August 9, 2022's Logo Seed$4,500,000
OpenSea's Logo' OpenSea
NFX's Logo' NFX
Firstminute Capital's Logo' Firstminute Capital
August 9, 2022
Cashmere's Logo Cashmere Seed$3,000,000
Coinbase Ventures's Logo' Coinbase Ventures
FBG Capital's Logo' FBG Capital
Y Combinator's Logo' Y Combinator
August 9, 2022
Gunzilla Games's Logo Gunzilla Games Unknown$46,000,000
Republic Capital's Logo' Republic Capital
Griffin Gaming Partners's Logo' Griffin Gaming Partners
Animoca Brands's Logo' Animoca Brands
August 9, 2022
Pinata's Logo Pinata Series A$18,000,000
Pantera Capital's Logo' Pantera Capital
Greylock Partners's Logo' Greylock Partners
Offline Ventures's Logo' Offline Ventures
August 9, 2022
FBoxArmy's Logo FBoxArmy Series A$5,500,000
FstSwap's Logo' FstSwap
Pangaea Capital's Logo' Pangaea Capital
 Ventures's Logo' Master Ventures
August 9, 2022
VisionsDAO's Logo VisionsDAO Seed$2,200,000
Animoca Brands's Logo' Animoca Brands
Spartan Group's Logo' Spartan Group
Trent McConaghy's Logo' Trent McConaghy
August 8, 2022
Old Street Digital's Logo Old Street Digital Seed$2,800,000
Draper Associates's Logo' Draper Associates
Plassa Capital's Logo' Plassa Capital
August 8, 2022
Airswift's Logo Airswift Pre-Seed$2,000,000
CE Innovation Capital's Logo' CE Innovation Capital
August 8, 2022