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What is WBFex?

WBFex, short for "World Blockchain Future exchange", is a digital currency exchange under the WBF financial group in New York. It is registered in Singapore in 2019 and aims to build a third-generation digital currency exchange that integrates the international trading ecosystem. WBF has its own offices in New York, Shanghai, Singapore, and Dubai. WBFex combines the development strategy of spot, mining pool, and contract, it provides digital financial services such as spot, contract, leverage, mortgage lending, and options for globe users. At the end of February 2020, it is said that the platform has 3 million registered users and 160,000 daily active users. WBFex's objective is to achieve 18 million registered users.

Who is the Founder of WBFex?

WBFex is found by Bella Fang, Wall Street's senior investors and women entrepreneurs of blockchain. She invested in early cryptocurrency in New York and establish BlockMedia in Silicon Valley. Over the past 5 years,Bella Fang has delivered speeches at various blockchain events in China and America.

Most of the team members are financial technology experts from New York, Singapore, and China.

Can I use WBFex in the USA?

WBFex does not prohibit US investors from trading on the exchange.

However, if you're serious about your trading, or come from the state where cryptocurrency trading is prohibited by law, be sure to consult the local legal department first to avoid unforeseen consequences later.

What are the Features of WBFex?

  • Rich category of digital financial product
  • Spot trading product 
  • Financial product
  • Digital asset saving 
  • Spot leverage trading
  • Option contract 
  • Futures contract
  • Index contract

Is WBFex Exchange safe?

Bank-level security system is built by WBFex team. Following technology have implemented to keep users' account security:

  • Overlaying multi-signature
  • Multi-currency address sharing technology 
  • Bank-level SSL security protocol
  • Highly protective DDOS Attack System 
  • Third-party asset custody
  • Underlying chain of clearing model

Although security measures have been implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges, it can't fully guarantee the security of users' funds. In addition to depositing funds on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, users can also choose to transfer funds to reputable wallets to reduce risk. However, each method contains certain risks, users need to compare and choose the most appropriate one based on their specific conditions.

What is the Fee of WBFex?

Transaction fee: 0.2% for both taker and maker.

How to Deposit & Withdraw Your Assets on WBFex?

  • Deposit

Step 1: Open the icon Assets on the web page

Step 2:In the interface of Spot is a list of digital currency. If you want to deposit to WBFex, please click "Deposit". And then copy your deposit address, paste it to another exchange。

  • Withdraw

Step 1: If you want to withdraw deposits from WBFex to other exchanges, select [withdraw] in the currency list, copy the address of other exchanges to the withdraw address below, and input the amount. The actual amount contains fee charged by the platform.

Step 2: Check the deposit&withdraw status in the page of “Transaction History” after the withdrawal review is passed.

For more information about Deposit & Withdraw, please visit the instruction on the official site, click here.

How Can I Contact WBFex Customer Service?

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