Rare Ball Shares(RBS) is migrating to Rare Ball Portion (RBP) at a ratio of 1:1

Token Swap and Buy Back details:
1. Bug has been fixed and Pikaster security system has been upgraded.
2. Logos of new tokens (RBP & SRBP) remain the same as RBS and SRBS. Tickers and contract addresses have been changed.
Contract addresses of RBP & SRBP:
RBP: Ox0293f1b44aa052e3c3f6fc6078276ed36268e182
SRBP: Ox44deccb4e1d356418581b58956f9efc806e15e84
3. The circulating supply and token economics of new tokens remain the same as RBS and SRBS.
4. The gameplay and game version remain the same.
5. Snapshot time: 22:10 PM, July 3 UTC
6. Buy Back plan: Users who increased the RBS & SRBS positions from 22:10 PM, July 3 - 11:59 PM, July 4 UTC will get USDT refund. Details about this will be announced later.

Pikaster team is still waiting for the notification about the specific time and will finish the whole process as soon as possible.

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