Avaxtars Token Price (AVXT)

Market Cap
Fully Diluted Market Cap
Volume 24h
Circulating Supply

62,345 AVXT

Max Supply

1,000,000 AVXT

Total Supply

200,000 AVXT

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Avaxtars Token (AVXT) Wallets

When selecting a wallet for Avaxtars Token, it is important to take into account several factors such as security, convenience, features, and fees. Depending on the wallet, there can be various pros and cons that should be considered. Some of the best wallets for Avaxtars Token are:

It is difficult to say which wallet is the “best” as it depends on personal preferences and needs. You should do your own research before choosing a wallet.

Unfortunately, MetaMask does not support Avaxtars Token at this time. MetaMask focuses primarily on Ethereum and other EVM-based cryptocurrencies, as well as a few other selected chains, but it does not support Avaxtars Token. If you want to hold, send or receive Avaxtars Token, you would need to use a different wallet that supports it.