Blur(BLUR) New Listing on MEXC Global's logo Blur(BLUR)
(or later) Listing

MEXC will list Blur (BLUR) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the BLUR/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is shown below.

  • Deposit: Until Further Notice
  • BLUR/USDT Trading will be available on February 14 as announced by the official BLUR team, Exact listing time is to be confirmed.

Note: The price may move greatly for projects in the Innovation Zone. Please be cautious of the risks.

About Blur (BLUR)

Blur is a decentralized pro-NFT marketplace and aggregator that will be governed by $BLUR holders. Blur has been architected to handle the high load, which enables unmatched speed and advanced features including real-time data feed, charts, bulk listing and buying tools, and portfolio management.

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Approval:96% Votes:330
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