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      Bybit Pre-Market: MOCA Token Closure and Delivery Schedule

      Get ready for an exciting journey into [Pre-Market Trading]( with the unveiling of Mocaverse (MOCA) on Bybit. Here's what you need to know:

      Mark Your Calendar

      • MOCA Deposit Opens: Jul 11, 2024, 8AM UTC
      • Pre-Market Closure: Jul 11, 2024, 10AM UTC

      • Spot Listing Time: Jul 11, 2024, 10AM UTC

      • Settlement Time: Jul 11, 2024, 1PM UTC

      Automated Token Delivery

      Please take note of the following:

      • Token delivery will be automatic and exclusively through the Unified Trading Account (UTA).

      • Sellers must have enough MOCA tokens in their UTA before Jul 11, 2024, 1PM UTC. If you're participating in the Pre-Market Trading with a Subaccount, ensure that the corresponding Subaccount contains sufficient MOCA tokens for delivery before the settlement time.

      • Once the token is delivered, sellers will receive the payment in their UTA. If sellers don't have enough MOCA tokens before the settlement time in their UTA, they will forfeit all their collateral.

      • Partial delivery is not allowed.

      • Delivery occurs only ONCE at the designated settlement time.

      • The delivery time may extend beyond 30 minutes. Buyers are kindly requested to be patient. The delivered MOCA tokens or the USDT collateral paid by the seller in default will be credited to the buyer's UTA.

      • The platform will impose a 10% fee on the seller's collateral if the seller fails to deliver at the settlement time. The remaining 90% will be compensated to the buyer.

      How to Obtain & Prepare MOCA Tokens for Delivery

      1. Deposit

      • Deposit MOCA tokens. Please ensure that the deposit address is correct.

      • Transfer the required MOCA tokens to your UTA before the designated settlement time.

      2. Purchase From Spot Market

      • If you haven't acquired the necessary MOCA tokens, you can purchase them from the Spot market.

      • After purchasing, keep the MOCA tokens in your UTA and await the scheduled settlement time.


      • MOCA tokens purchased from the pre-market cannot be used for settlement.

      • MOCA tokens not stored in the UTA cannot be used for settlement.

      For detailed information on Pre-Market Trading on Bybit, please refer to the following articles:

      • [FAQ — Pre-Market Trading](

      • [How to Get Started With Pre-Market Trading](

      • [Introduction to Pre-Market Trading](

      If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our Customer Support via [this form](

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