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      Singapore , 2018-07
      Margin trading
      24h Trading Volume
      15,374 BTC 8.78%
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      98.08 BTC
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      AscendEX Trade Volume Charts (24h)

      What is AscendEX (BitMax)?

      AscendEX (BitMax) is a high-efficiency digital asset trading platform servicing retail and institutional clients across the globe with a broad range of financial products and services.You can buy and sell Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, and other altcoins on AscendEX (BitMax).

      Who is the Founder of AscendEX (BitMax)?

      AscendEX (formerly name as BitMax) was founded by a team of Wall Street quantitative trading experts in 2018, based on the core value of “Efficiency, Resilience, and Transparency.”

      What are the Features of AscendEX:

      • Futures Trading: USDT-based Perpetual Futures Contract with leverage up to 100x
      • Copy Trading: One-click to copy your favorite traders; Auto execution
      • ASD Ecosystem: ASD(BTMX) is a utility token native to AscendEX. Token holders are eligible for higher VIP levels and less transaction fees.
      • Staking: Users can earn rewards for staking digital assets with the flexibility to trade & withdraw at any time.
      • DeFi Yield Farming: Users can deposit coins to mine popular decentralized finance (“DeFi”) tokens.
      • BitTreasure: BitTreasure is a fixed-rate financial product offered by AscendEX with digital assets underlying.

      Is It Safe to Store Assets in AscendEX?

      AscendEX safety management system is established by top safety companies. A multi-level firewall has been set up to monitor system data for real-time processing. Multi-signature and hot and cold wallet combination solutions are implemented to ensure the security of customers' digital assets and reduce risks in multiple dimensions.

      Although security measures have been implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges, it can't fully guarantee the security of users' funds. In addition to depositing funds on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, users can also choose to transfer funds to reputable wallets to reduce risk. However, each method contains certain risks, users need to compare and choose the most appropriate one based on their specific conditions.

      How to Deposit & Withdraw Digital Assets on AscendEX?

      Deposit: You can deposit digital assets from external platforms or wallets to AscendEX via a deposit address on the platform.

      Withdraw: You can withdraw your digital assets to external platforms or wallets via their address. Copy the address from the external platform or wallet, and paste it into the withdrawal address field on AscendEX to complete the withdrawal.

      For more information about Deposit & Withdraw,please visit AscendEX "help center-FAQ-Deposit & Withdraw".Click here

      How to Start Cash Trading on AscendEX?

      If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, and other altcoins on AscendEX,please follow the instruction about Cash Trading on the AscendEX help center. Click here

      How Can I Contact AscendEX Customer Support?

      Or try these social media to get AscendEX customer service.

      How to Download AscendEX App?

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