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      Firefly Exchange

      Firefly Exchange

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      What Is Firefly Exchange?

      Firefly is a blazing-fast, low fee, & secure decentralized exchange. It is a Web3 protocol for asset exchange, combining the performance of CeFi with the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi). Initially targeted at the perpetual swap market, Firefly protocol is extensible and customizable, designed to keep pace with the innovation and market dynamics in the digital assets space.

      What Are the Features of Firefly Exchange?

      • An Extensible, Customizable, & Upgradeable protocol

      The on-chain, decentralized governance can upgrade all smart contracts of the Firefly protocol. Decentralization will permit a wide variety of financial products to be added to the protocol -- from perpetual swaps to options, spots, NFTs, and financial experiments.

      • Non-Custodial

      Deposits and withdrawals on Firefly happen via smart contracts without limits or restrictions. Traders interact only with non-custodial and transparent smart contracts, and no central party has any control over funds and transactions. The best auditors have confirmed the correctness of Firefly's non-custodial smart contract logic.

      • Permissionless & Accessible

      The interaction with the core exchange happens directly on the blockchain, making accessing markets fast and easy, with only a Web3 wallet required. The exchange will also be available from a dedicated mobile application via an imported MetaMask wallet for even speedier access.

      • Value Flow to Traders

      Not only are fees on Firefly competitive with those on centralized exchanges, but they will also be a part of the on-chain smart contract design. In the future, the fees collected by the protocol can be used to reward the most valuable traders utilizing the protocol.

      • Transparent Liquidations

      Liquidations in CeFi are a black box, with little to no transparency and verifiability. The liquidations on Firefly are transparent -- each liquidation is verifiable on the blockchain, with data such as the entry price, index price, size, and the liquidator openly available. Anyone will be able to become a liquidator on Firefly.

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