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      What Is Saber?

      Saber is the leading cross-chain stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange on Solana. Saber Labs contributes to Saber, the leading cross-chain stablecoin exchange on Solana. Saber provides the liquidity foundation for stablecoins, which is a type of cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to another asset, like the US dollar or bitcoin. As Solana's core cross-chain liquidity network, Saber helps facilitate the transfer of assets between Solana and other blockchains. Users deposit crypto into a Saber liquidity pool to earn passive yield from transaction fees, token-based incentives, and eventually automated DeFi strategies.

      What Are the Features of Saber?

      Saber enables low slippage trading, even at large volumes, while maintaining high capital efficiency for liquidity providers.

      • Trade stable pairs instantly with low slippage and minimal fees. Securely swap between crypto assets of similar value with extremely low slippage.
      • Earn yield from transaction fees, liquidity incentives, and more. Saber's automated market maker is algorithmically designed to eliminate impermanent loss. 
      • Integrate deep on-chain liquidity for earning and trading with stables. As a core DeFi building block, Saber can easily be integrated into any Solana-based protocol or app.

      How to Swapping Tokens on Saber?

      Saber allows you to swap between a stable pair of assets (e.g. USDC and USDT) with very low slippage and fees.

      Let's say you have USDT and you want to swap it for USDC.

      • On the swapping interface, select the tokens you want to exchange from (USDT) and to (USDC).
      • Enter a quantity of USDT to swap from. 
      • You can click on a token balance to populate the max amount you can swap.
      • Clicking the arrow button in the center will switch between what token you're swapping from and to.

      For more information, click here.

      How Can I Contact Saber Customer Support?

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