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What is DigiFinex?

DigiFinex is a global digital asset management platform headquartered in Hong Kong, registered in Seychelles, and has offices in Singapore, Australia, China, South Korea, and Malaysia. It provides services that include IEOs, project listings, OTC, and margin trading. igiFinex is committed to becoming a close investment partner for users. It is a cryptocurrency platform for more than 4 Million users in 217 countries. Having embarked on the path of being compliant and regulated earlier than most exchanges, DigiFinex has obtained the exemption of Provision of Digital Payment Token Services in Singapore from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Also, it has become the Australia Regulated Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider, licensed by AUSTRAC.

Who is the Founder of DigiFinex?

It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team comes from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu, and HP in 2018.

What are the Main features of DigiFinex?

  • Asset Management: Offers a variety of asset management products including Crypto Quant Fund, Crypto Loan, and Flexi-earn.
  • Plentiful Activities: Varieties of interactive bounties and generous rewards for users. 
  • Customer support: 24/7 Professional customer support. Knowledge to empower everyone, noobs and experts alike.
  • Stable and Security: Security system with multiple fail-safe layers, giving your cryptocurrencies bank-graded protection.

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Coupon Assets Token (CA) to be Listed on DigiFinex!
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Veloce(VEXT) to be Listed on DigiFinex!
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Tipcoin(TIP) to Be Listed on DigiFinex!
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