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      What Is SiennaSwap?

      Sienna is a privacy-first and cross-chain decentralized finance platform where you can privately swap, lend and convert your tokens into their private equivalent. SiennaSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Sienna platform. You can swap any private SNIP-20 token at Sienna.

      Who Is the Founder of SiennaSwap?

      Monty Munford, the Chief Evangelist at Sienna Network, Co-Founder of BlockSpeak, an Apple- and Spotify-verified podcast. He is also a keynote speaker on technology after speaking at more than 200 global events... moderating panels and conducting fireside chats with names such as Kim Kardashian, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Wozniak (twice), the late John McAfee, Ghostface Killah, Brian Solis and more at the world's best tech events.

      What Are the Features of SiennaSwap?

      The focus for the Sienna Swap AMM is privacy, scalability, and ease of use. Minimal transaction fees will allow for more affordable trading. If transacting with secret token equivalents e.g., secretETH, secretSCRT or native SNIP-20 tokens e.g., SIENNA or sSCRT Sienna Swap will always execute the trades with full privacy, preventing front-running and maintaining user privacy. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges with order books which must match and delay trades, Sienna Swap's Automated Market Maker (AMM) functions entirely on smart contracts, making it truly trustless, decentralized and censorship resistant. Sienna Network DAO sponsored development of a open source frontend for users wishing to interact with the blockchain, but users can also simply interact with the immutable persistent smart contracts via the secretcli tool. Sienna Swap's AMM is currently implemented via a dual liquidity pool solution that is provided by the users of Sienna. The dual liquidity pools functions via the dual deposit system, eliminating waiting times since the pool is always present and liquid. The efficiency of this system is in sharp contrast to order book exchanges in which users must wait for a matching bid to execute their trade. Trades on Sienna Swap are executed via the permissionless liquidity pools, and any user can create a new pool. After the IBC upgrade of Secret Network, aka Supernova in November 2021,Sienna Swap will support a huge array of other Cosmos ecosystem tokens most likely incl. UST, Luna, Osmosis and more.

      What Are the SiennaSwapfees?

      When conducting a token swap, the user contributes 0.3% to facilitate the transaction. From this, the liquidity providers are allocated 0.28% shared proportionally to their overall share of the liquidity pool. The remaining 0.02% trading commission is converted to SIENNA and locked in a smart contract for 10 years. The Sienna Network DAO does not receive any commission or any other financial rewards on trades conducted on the platform.

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