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      Thruster v2 (1.0%)

      Thruster v2 (1.0%)

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      Thruster v2 (1.0%) Trade Volume Charts (24h)

      What Is Thruster v2 (1%)?

      Thruster is a decentralized degen-first native DEX bringing the best of DeFi to the Blast ecosystem. For developers, Thruster supports exclusive fair launch mechanics and token management tools built by DeFi’s best; and for general users, Thruster supports advantageous yield and LP opportunities, built-in social and analytic features, and an easy trading experience. With all this in mind, Thruster aims to be the home of liquidity and trading for Blast’s core and long-tail assets.

      What Are the Features of Thruster?

      • X*Y / v2 AMM. Thruster's Classic AMM draws heavily from the design principles of Uniswap v2. Similar to Uniswap, Thruster operates as a permissionless, decentralized platform, where pool holdings are exclusively controlled by the users who deposit them.
      • CL AMM. Thruster's Concentrated Liquidity (CL) is heavily based off Uniswap v3. Unlike Uniswap v3, which took a more agnostic approach for getting builders to use its infrastructure, Thruster will be taking an active approach to work with the best teams to best leverage this to build unique products & integrate them directly into our user interface.
      • Stableswap AMM. Stable AMMs (tentatively called "Thruster Steady") build on the classic x ∗ y = k model by introducing a stable invariant, creating a range around the 1:1 mark where prices remain relatively or almost constant.
      • Thruster Treasure. Each swap on Thruster displays the amount of Treasure tickets that will be awarded for each swap. For this example, the swap generated 3000 Thruster Treasure tickets. The tickets are promptly updated on both the Treasure page and the top right-hand corner of the screen afterward.

      Thruster Team

      Thruster is supported by a wealth of crypto-native experience, with its developers having bootstrapped and supported protocols that have had multi-9 figures worth of on-chain capital deposited.

      What Assets Can I Trade on Thruster?

      Thruster allows trading for a wide range of assets from core tokens like ETH, USDC, and USDB, to many long-tail Blast ecosystem tokens.

      Thruster v2 (1%) Fee

      V2 fee: 0.01

      Thruster v2 (1.0%)'s Announcement

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