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April 27, 2023

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About NFTGo - Bridge Round

NFTGo announced on the 27th that it has succeeded in attracting $4 million bridge-round investment. The company explains that the cumulative investment received by NFTGo is more than 10 million dollars, including this investment attraction and the investment of 6.75 million dollars last year. Additional investments were made in this investment by Qiming Venture Capital and Hash Global. Newly invested institutions include 500 Global and Skyland Ventures. In addition, Liang Sijun, co-founder of Fosun Group, participated in the investment in his personal name.


InvestorsTypeLocationYear Founded#Portfolio CompaniesEmail AddressSocials
FundUnited States of America201017--
Angel InvestorChina--2--

Founders & Team

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Lowes Yang

Project Info

NFTGo is a data aggregation platform for the Web3, NFT, and gaming communities. It is a leading all-in-one NFT aggregation platform that enables our community to analyze NFT market data and make transactions. NFTGo offers a set of powerful tools and features including real-time NFT Market Analytics, Trading Aggregator, Developers API, Rarity Model, Top Mints, Whale Tracking, Watchlist, Twitter Extension, Drops calendar, and many more to help our community discover, analyze, trade, and track their portfolio. The platform is serving 500+ institutional customers, 1000+ communities, and 1M+ retail users worldwide.

NFTGo aims to be the gateway into the NFT ecosystem and takes pride in making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high-performing data engine, NFTGo has built a strong foundation to deliver the most seamless NFT experience through real-time analytics, alpha insights, and the best trading aggregator.

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